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HEADER SYSTEMS - for Baggers

Two great header systems. The POWERFLEX Header is made from a stock Harley header. We replace the restrictive, power-grabbing section of the muffler with our own POWER chamber. It is a 2 into 1 into 2 header.

Our REVOLUTION True Dual Header is a product we make from steel, just for you. It is a True Dual set-up that has left our competitors wondering how we can make such a great product at such a low cost.

  • Both systems install perfectly under your existing heat shields so you can keep that slick, clean look that Harley® designed for your bike. Easy installation instructions are included
  • Each header significantly reduces the amount of HEAT on your leg (from over 500F to less than 250F).
  • Both create much more POWER and delivers a deep, throaty sound.
  • Ceramic Black heat shields are available for both header options.
  • The REVOLUTION True Dual Header has a full size cross-over tube for maximum flow to the left side and is designed for MAXIMUM POWER and sound. It fits 2009 and newer Harley® baggers
  • You will not find a better performing header pipe solution or one that even comes close to these prices!